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Atmospheric Water Generator offers the following opportunities:

  • Condensing moisture from the atmospheric air, which can be seen as a renewable source, when no other water source, such as well, spring or lake, is available;
  • High quality water that can be used as drinking water after minimum extra treatment;
  • Environmental friendly technology, no harmful waste;
  • Clean production employing natural renewable sources, especially if powered by wind-powered generators, solar batteries etc.



  • Supply of fresh drinking quality water in areas lacking in natural water sources;
  • A mobile water source in disaster areas or for emergency cases;
  • Supply of fresh water for irrigational purposes in arid agricultural regions;
  • Provision of high-purity water for industrial purposes (production of microelectronic components, etc.);
  • Low-temperature exsiccation of various materials (wood, fabrics, etc.).


Advantages offered:

  • Energy recuperation system employed in the Machine allows nearly all the consumed energy to be used solely to condense water from the atmospheric air rather than cool the air down. This ensures low prime cost of the water produced and wider operation range in various climate conditions.
  • Half the power consumption, i.e. - 0.2…0.35 kW*h/l instead of 0.4…0.6 kW*h/l thus half the water price.
  • Wider operation range. The Machine offers efficient operation when the moisture contents in air is as low as 6 g\m3 instead of 10.5 g/m3.This broadens the operation range allowing the Machine to be used in dry-land regions.


Water-from-Air Machine Model Range

Model Efficiency, l/s, at 30°C and 83% air humidity Power consumption, kW/h Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
VVM70 100 2.5 1500*1100*1850 190
VVM1000 1000 20 2400*1230*2500 1100

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