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The Solution In More Detail

Across the world, several billion people live without direct access to electricity or enough clean drinking water. Moreover, Global Warming and climate change introduce even more challenges.

Water and Energy Generating Inc. has an innovative solution. The company is developing industrial Water and Energy Plants that produce electricity from ultralow potential waste heat and generate clean drinking water from natural humidity in the air. And they do it  with zero carbon footprint. These sources are sustainable, renewable and unlimited. The Plants can operate day and night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

WE Generating Plants are capable of producing more than 265,000 gallons or 1 million liters of water a day from the atmosphere. They can also generate over 3 Megawatts of electricity as well as more than 5 Мegawatts of cooling from  -22 °F  – 30°C  from outdoor thermal energy.

WE Generating Plants consist of two generators:

  1. The Electricity Generator uses a brand new combined thermodynamic cycle based on a single heat engine and it  converts waste thermal energy into electrical energy and cooling. Its working range starts  at + 68 F0 or + 20 C 0. For 24 hours a day heat transfer fluid is warmed by the solar field. Then, it is forwarded  to heat accumulators to support the generator’s overnight operation. The working cycle is simple. First, the heat transfer fluid is pumped into the evaporator where the fluid is converted to vapor,  which in turn is expanded across  the separator to a turbogenerator to produce electric power. Next, the vapor exits the generator and goes into a cooler. After that,  a condenser cools it back to a cold liquid state which finally  returns to the evaporator to repeat the close-loop cycle. Cold transfer fluid is fed from the cooler into the Atmospheric Water Generator. scheme we generating
  2. The Atmospheric Water Generator condensates clean water from natural humidity in the air. It contains thousands of innovative condensers, and each of them receives cold transfer fluid from the Electricity Generator to maintain the water condensation effect. Every condenser collects about 1 litre of water per hour from the atmosphere. The Generator’s reservoir gathers the water  which is then forwarded to holding tanks. All the water condensed from the atmosphere is capable of meeting  any water requirements.

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The Plants have a unique combination of competitive advantages and benefits:

  • First of all the process provides locally distributed and fully off grid decentralized water and energy generation.
  • Another major benefit is that water and power can be generated PERMANENTLY, all day and all night throughout the year.
  • WE Generating Plants are also capable of producing more than 265,000 gallons or 1 million liters of water per day, over 3 Megawatts of electricity and more than 5 Megawatts of cooling.
  • Water from the air and electricity from waste heat are completely renewable, sustainable and unlimited resources. 
  • Production costs are well below traditional generation and extraction methods. 

The main markets for industrial WE Plants  will be The Gulf States and other Middle Eastern countries, Central and South-East Asia, Africa, the USA, Central and Latin America, Southern Europe, India, China and others.

WE Generating Inc. Generating a sustainable future for generations to come.

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