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The Solution In More Detail

Across the world, incredible amount of water and energy is spent on cooling the data centers. Constant overheating of PV panels causes huge losses to their owners. 

Water and Energy Generating Inc. has a breakthrough solution, based on an innovative thermodynamic cycle and it converts waste thermal energy from data centers and PV farms into cooling and electricity.

We are developing industrial Plants that produce electricity and cooling from ultralow potential waste heat,  operate 24 hours a day, round a year and provide cooling for data centers and PV farms.

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Its working range starts at +68 F0 or +20 C0. For 24 hours a day heat transfer fluid is warmed by the heat absorbers, PV panels and Data center’s heat exchangers.  Then, it is forwarded to heat engine to produce cooling and electricity. The heat transfer fluid is pumped into the evaporator, then the vapor  is expanded across the separator to a generator to produce power. Next, the vapor goes into a cooler. After that, a condenser cools it back to a cold liquid state which finally returns to the evaporator. Cold transfer fluid is fed from the cooler into Data center and PV farm to support their normal operations.

  • Cooling  and power can be generated PERMANENTLY, all day and all night throughout the year.
  • Cooling and power from waste heat are completely renewable, sustainable and unlimited resources. 
  • The process provides locally distributed and off grid decentralized cooling and energy generation.

The main markets for our Plants will be the USA, EMEA countries, India, China and others.

WE Generating Inc. Generating a sustainable future for generations to come. 

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